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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yarn On The Shelf & How It Speaks!

Every time I walk into a yarn store the first thing I notice is how the yarn is displayed.  You may not have thought much about displaying yarn, but as a yarn store owner, that is usually fore front in my mind.

Before Tempe Yarn, I didn't think much about how yarn looked on a shelf or how yarn was put-up.  Which was a better seller, small 50 gram skeins, larger 100 gram skeins or hanks of yarn.? Does the yarn stack nicely or look better hanging up?  Some yarn is happier in a cube than on a shelf.  Other yarn gets over looked because it is in a cube or on a shelf and would show better hung-up.

Right after an order comes in and we restock our shelves at Tempe Yarn I enjoy just sitting and looking at the shelves.

With in a few minutes of sitting there the yarn begins whispering.  It usually starts with "choose me, no me, wait I was here first, choose me...."   (Yes it goes downhill from there and can't be explained to a non-yarn person.)  As I look at how pretty the colors sit on the shelf and all my choices, I mentally begin re-arranging the colors, over and over.  Does the pink go better with the brown or the purple.  Should I choose rainbow colors or more muted, softer colors, natural palette or over the top vibrant?  

Some times guests at Tempe Yarn apologize for taking a while to choose the perfect color or yarn for their project.  I quickly confess that even after all the projects I have done, all the choices I have and all the potential choices from all my suppliers, I too spend a good amount of time choosing my next project.  Maybe if the yarns would be a little quieter, I could concentrate more and speed up the process.  However, they are pretty vocal when they see me coming.

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