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Monday, December 12, 2016

Best Way To Learn Knitting

The best way to learn knitting is to....
      learn English or Throw method first.
      learn Contintental method first.
      learn in a class.
      learn from a book.
      learn from a video.
      learn from YouTube.
      learn from a friend.
      learn on straight needles.
      learn on circular needles.
      learn on metal needles.
      learn on wood needles.
      learn on cheap yarn.
      learn using wool yarn.
      learn on a yarn you love.
      learn crochet first.
      learn by making a scarf.
      learn by making a blanket.
      learn by....... (you can fill in the blanks from here.)

So which is right?  It all is.  That is the great part of knitting.  There are many ways to approach it and very few wrong ways to knit.

Through the years I have heard all of the logic above and much more.  How does a beginner sort it all out.  Once upon a time I was a beginner.  Lucky for me there were not the choices there are today or I may never have knitted.  I learned at a time when you pretty much did it "this way" or it was wrong.

So what advice do I give to "new to knitting" customers?  It's pretty simple:

1: It's 99% opinion and 1% fact.

2: Find the way you learn best and look for opportunities to learn that way.

3: Choose one advisor until you get past the part of not knowing what you don't know you don't know.  In other words when you learn enough to be able to sort through the information you are getting.

4: Keep in mind that as long as you are getting the fabric/project you want, it's okay.  If your knitting looks like knitted fabric, then it's right no matter how you arrived at the stitches.

5: If you are happy with your process of holding yarn or needles then there is no reason to change.

6: There are always going to be better knitters than you and knitters who haven't reached your level of knitting experience.

7: Even experiened knitters learn new things or see something they haven't seen before in knitting.

8: There really isn't anything new under the moon of knitting.  The odds that knitters somewhere in the history of time have done what you just discovered or worked out are pretty good.

9: If something isn't working for you ask for help from your knitting advisor.


It will always take work to learn something new.  It doesn't matter what it is, but it's a fact, learning takes time.  Give your self time and have fun with your journey.  Knitting can be so rewarding if you just give yourself time to get to that stage where you are past focusing on every stitch.

The part about knitting I love the most, is that I can constantly learn something new.  I have yet to get bored with knitting because there are so many opportunities to challenge myself.  However, for the times I need more calm and less challenges in my life, I can choose a simple basic project that gives me opportunities to do "mindless knitting."  Thus my brain becomes involved in the repetitive motions, freeing it to be creative or sometimes just calm.

Happy Knitting!

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